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Aset Goddess 24k Egyptian Gold 

24K Gold Six Peptides 

 Collgen Liquid anti-aging ampoules Serum

Lightening skin, Moisturiser Nourishing skincare.

Safe and effective, skin moisture, replenishes help improve dry skin reduces wrinkles, smooths fine lines and  improves soft smooth skin .

Goddess Aset the deity of mystic balance and beauty and healer of all of time of Egypt. 

Who wanders through many sacred groves and are propitiated with many different rites.

Your divine womanly light illumines the walls of every city, whose misty radiance nurses the happy seeds under the soil,  you control the wandering course of the sun and the very power of his rays.

Element - Moon as archetypal feminine' yin highly intuitive. Astrology •Cancer 

Some esoteric astrologers call the moon the plant of past Karma, among the feeling of relationships in our lives the love that we receive or fail to receive. Plays a major role in forming the unconscious instincts that governs our behaviour. .

Such an individual, as a positive lunar type, may find it preferable to trust her insticts to value tradition or the past, and to transform within or without judgement.

Aset is the ancient name of  Isis,

The goddess of timeless beauty, mystic and wisdom, healer of the holistic rituals and the nurturer. She represents modern women of today empowering woman of the future.

Goddess Aset 24k Egyptian Gold Serum is a representation of  beauty within and out. Transforming the different cycles of life just like the skin is delicately structured to withstand the fighting age of different cycles of  life.

We have created six peptides to fight the ageing  signs within the skin to replenish and brighten its youthful appearance. 

Easy to absorbed by the skin , gentile care for delicate skin 

Eplenishing skins moister, firming and lightening skin 

Collagen, hyaluronic acid, 24K Gold face serum 

Usage : Morning & Night 

Apply to mature Skin

* After cleansed skin add 2/4  drops of essence smear on forehead, cheeks, nose & mandible.

*Massage face until absorption   

* 30ml



*Note for external use only

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